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Scope of use of brown corundum

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  Brown corundum is called industrial tooth:it is mainly used in refractory,grinding wheel and sand blasting.

  1.Used for making refractory materials,castables,refractory bricks,etc.

  2.Sand blasting-the abrasive has moderate hardness,high bulk density,no free silicon dioxide,high specific gravity and good toughness.It is an ideal"environment-friendly"sand blasting material,widely used in aluminum profiles,copper profile glass,precision molds for washing jeans and other fields;

  3.Free grinding-grinding grade abrasive,which is widely used in the field of free grinding of picture tubes,optical glass,monocrystalline silicon,lenses,clock glass,crystal glass,jade,etc;

  4.Resin abrasive tools-the abrasive materials have proper color,good hardness,toughness,suitable particle section type and blade retention,which are ideal for resin abrasive tools;

  5.Coated abrasives-abrasives are raw materials for sandpaper,gauze and other manufacturers;

  Brown corundum segment sand

  Brown corundum segment sand

  6.Functional filler-mainly used for automobile brake parts,special tires,special building products,etc.It can be used as wear-resistant materials for building expressway pavement,airplane runway,wharf,parking lot,industrial floor,sports ground,etc;

  7.Filter medium is a new application field of abrasives.Granular abrasives are used as the bottom medium of the filter bed to purify drinking water or wastewater.It is a new type of water filter material at home and abroad,especially suitable for nonferrous metal beneficiation:petroleum drilling mud weighting agent:

  8.Hydraulic cutting is a new,environment-friendly and safe cutting method,which uses abrasive as cutting medium and relies on high-pressure water jet for basic cutting.It is applied to the cutting of oil(natural gas)pipelines,steel and other parts.

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