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Difference between bulk density and bulk density of brown corundum

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  Brown corundum,also known as emery,is reduced in a high temperature electric furnace.The main raw material is bauxite,and then other auxiliary materials such as anthracite and iron filings are added.The main component of the finished brown corundum is aluminum oxide,with the content ranging from 75%to 95%.In addition,it contains a small amount of other components,namely Fe,Si,Ti,etc.

  About the physical properties of brown corundum,its density is mainly introduced.Generally speaking,we know one density,but brown corundum has two:one is the bulk density,and the other is the bulk density.So what are these two?What's the difference?

  Bulk density of brown corundum:

  The stacking density of brown corundum is 1.53~1.99g/cm3.

  The bulk density is the mass of the material that is loaded into the container,without excluding anything.Therefore,the bulk density of brown corundum is related to many factors,such as the particle size,particle size composition,variety,particle shape,etc.Generally speaking,the bulk density of coarse abrasive is greater than that of fine abrasive,and the bulk density of mixed abrasive is greater than that of single abrasive.

  Grain density of brown corundum:

  The particle density of brown corundum is 3.95~4.0g/cm3.

  The particle density is also called true density,which is generally understood as the density,that is,the mass of material per unit volume in a dense state(i.e.,the volume excluding pores).At this time,the finer the abrasive particle size,the more accurate the measured particle density.

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