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Sand Function and Application of White Corundum Member

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  In the stone abrasive polishing technology, dispersed abrasive polishing is one of the commonly used polishing technologies. In the polishing process, white corundum segment sand is one of the indispensable abrasive products. So, let's learn about the role and application of white corundum segment sand!

  White corundum segment sand takes diamond micro powder, silicon carbide micro powder, white corundum micro powder, etc. as dispersion abrasive, mixes with liquid or ointment, uses grinding suspension or grinding paste as abrasive, and adds it to the grinding wheel or workpiece with appropriate device for grinding. This technology is a kind of dispersed abrasive grinding technology.

  Different abrasives must be matched with grinding wheels of different materials. For example, tin plated grinding wheel is used when diamond abrasive is used, and gray cast iron grinding wheel is used when silicon carbide abrasive is used. However, because the abrasive is added to the workpiece manually or by a measuring device, the abrasive distribution is uneven, and it requires skilled technicians to achieve high quality standards.

  The white corundum segment sand adopts the grinding head technology, with uniform abrasive distribution, good grinding quality, stable quality, easy to realize continuous operation, and high grinding efficiency. Generally, the grinding time is 30%less than that of bulk diamond abrasive. The polishing grinding head technology uses diamond, silicon carbide or white corundum micro powder as abrasive and bond, and uses bonding abrasive to make grinding block by sintering, electroplating or bonding technology. Fix it on the grinding plate to make grinding head. The grinding block is generally bonded with asphalt, sulfur and other materials, and the big white corundum grinding block is connected with the grinding plate through the dovetail groove.

  The indispensable materials in our industry are white corundum and white corundum segment sand. It seems that their names are the same. White corundum and white corundum sand have completely different functions. Even the application industry is different. This time, let's talk about the different functions of white corundum and white corundum sand.

  It is well known that white corundum segment sand is made of aluminum oxide powder. Therefore, the performance is also very much, and the role is also very much. Let's start with the abrasive. The white corundum segment sand has high purity, high hardness and strong wear resistance. It has a very good abrasive effect and can be used as fine abrasives such as stainless steel, which is much better than other abrasives.

  In addition, the white corundum section sand is acid resistant, corrosion resistant and has excellent toughness. As long as the adhesive is added, it is also very good for making grinding wheels. In addition, white corundum crystal is very good and will not occur differentiation, fracture, initiation, etc. , so it is a very good choice as a refractory. These are the functions of white corundum.

  On the other hand, from the perspective of the role of corundum segment sand, we generally use it when rough refining steel. The corundum segment sand has high temperature strength, good fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and plays a very important role in refractories. In addition, the white corundum section sand has strong slag resistance and can be used in kilns, so the effect of manufacturing products is also very good. These are the action points of white corundum and white corundum segment sand. To sum up, white corundum and white corundum segment sand have different functions and different effects.

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